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Our installers ensure that any heating or air conditioning system purchased from Mark Hurm & Company will be properly installed to manufacturer's specifications without cutting corners.
We carry multiple brands and lines of furnaces and air conditioners to meet all different types of needs and budgets, from top of the line models to affordable basic models, we have what you need. We provide free at Home Estimate for 
a new furnace or air conditioner or free second opinion.
are licensed heating and air conditioning contractor throughout Gainesville area Florida. Cooling and heating your home is very important to us.
Simply the best install crew in Gainesville!

Choosing the right contracting company.

When it’s time for a new furnace or air conditioner where do you start? Is there that big of a difference between contracting companies? How do you choose a company that is going to do the best job?
How do you know you are getting the best deal? Is there more value in one company vs. another? Listed below are some of the important things that you should look for when choosing a contracting company that will give the best value for your dollar, both in the short and long term of your investment.
First and foremost is the company licensed and insured, and are they going to pull a permit on your job? This is extremely important for both parties involved in any transaction of this magnitude. Once a permit has been pulled, a city or county inspector must come out and verify that the job has been installed to operate safely, and up to current code requirements. But an inspector can only judge the job by what is visible, and just because it passes inspection does not mean that furnace or air conditioner was installed correctly.
The details that cannot be seen are what determine how efficiently the equipment operates and how long the system will last. This is one corner that must not be cut in order to save money. So to help 
insure that these details don’t get missed, you want to look for HVAC contracting companies that meet the following criteria:
Does the contractor follow ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) quality installation guidelines? Do they complete a Manual J load calculation to make sure you get the correct size of equipment? Do they evaluate the capacity of your ductwork to make sure it is capable of efficiently handling the equipment they are proposing to provide optimum comfort? Here again, this goes into the quality of the installation process. Under sizing or over sizing heating and air conditioning equipment are the biggest causes of comfort problems in homes.
Not only do they have to consider the home itself but all of the 
ductwork as well. Corners that are cut during this part of the process to save money be noticed by inefficient operation and short equipment lifespan but also by uncomfortable living spaces. Does the company use sub-contractors or do they have company employees? Here is another place that quality control is difficult to manage and the all important details that can’t be seen are left undone.
Will they protect your home while doing the work? Do their employees wear shoe covers or put down tarps to protect your floors? Clean up all trash and properly dispose of all old furnace or air conditioner? Service after the sale: Many people do not put nearly enough emphasis on this part of the equation. How long has the company been in business? How much longer will the company be in business? Will you be able to reach them if you need them in the future?

Do they offer you guarantees on there workperformance of the equipment, comfort of your home, craftsmanship, etc.? These are all components that go into a successful installation and there are a very limited number of HVAC contracting companies around that can meet them all.
Mark Hurm & Company is proud to be able to say that we meet all the above criteria and more. We believe that all of our customers should receive the best possible quality in every one of our installations at the fairest price available.


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General Contractors                 CGC 062803

HVAC Contractors                     CAC 057325

Plumbing Contractors              CFC 1425809

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