Planned Maintenance Agreements

Planned Maintenance Agreements

Annual Planned Service Tune-ups are highly recommended by all manufacturers. Many of the manufacturers require regular service in order to maintain the equipment warranty.

The single most important maintenance that a homeowner can perform on their system is to make absolutely certain that they are cleaning or changing the filter monthly. This will keep your system cleaner, help it to maintain its efficiency and reduce long term repair and operating expense. In most systems, the filter is located in the bottom of the air handler behind a filter door. In some applications, filters can be located in filter back return air grills in a remote location on the interior of the home.


​Additional Hints for Homeowners
During the cooling season, the heat pump operates like a conventional Air Conditioning system.
During the heating season, the Outdoor Unit may "change tune" slightly as it moves from cooling to heating, as the temperature varies or as frost builds up on the outdoor unit.
During the heating season, the heat pump will deliver an adequate supply of warm air to maintain the thermostat setting under normal conditions. This system is designed to run almost continuously in cold weather conditions.

There will be moisture draining from the surface of the outdoor coil and around the base when the unit is in the heating mode. This moisture will turn to frost when the outdoor temperature is below 40° F
The Outdoor Unit may become totally white with front / ice during cold weather. Unless this condition persists for over 2 hours, you should not be concerned. Frost will build up rapidly during damp cold weather (28° to 38° F).

When the heat pump starts to defrosts, it will, without stopping, give a slight "Swoosh," stop the out door fan and briefly deliver slightly cooler air inside. The duration of this defrost cycle may take up to 10 minutes depending on the amount of frost on the outside coil.
Steam or Fog (Looks like Smoke) from the outdoor unit is normal during defrost cycle.
It is very important that nothing restrict air flow or the defrost water runoff near the outdoor coil. Leaves, grass clippings and the like should be cleaned off the outdoor coil.
Air filters must be cleaned or replaced monthly. Dirty air filters restrict air flow and increase operating costs and long term maintenance expenses.

Indoor air supply registers must not be blocked or restricted by furniture or draperies.
It is highly recommended that Mark Hurm & Company perform a professional maintenance tune up once per year.
To discuss how an annual service agreement may best server your business,
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